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Guest House in Grenada using Airbnb

Grenada West Indies is quickly becoming an entrepreneurial country since the Government of Grenada signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to formalize and implement a cohesive partnership with the global home-sharing company, Airbnb., its people have sought to cash in on the concept of Airbnb as a source of income. This is a small portion of the Guest House sector that has flourished within Grenada’s Tourism.

Grenada Airbnb

Because Grenada is promoted as a world-class vacation destination, many tourists want to experience the island outside of the enclosed resorts. They seek to have a unique experience with the locals and have a memorable time. It is only fair they take advantage of the personal warmth, incredible home-cooked meals, some relaxing times and yet do it on a budget. Airbnb gives visitors to the island such an experience.

Many local residents have ventured into this unique source of income and they find it very rewarding. They get to meet people from all over the world, learn about new cultures, and share their Grenadian culture as well.

Why  Choose an Airbnb Guest Houses in Grenada

Most who ventured into Airbnb will tell you it is a great source of income. Their reasons vary; from having extra space since children have reached adulthood and moved on, wanting an added source of income to offset retirement, or wanting to help pay younger children’s educations. These are some of the primary reasons for Airbnb in Grenada.

These guest houses are spread all across the island and maybe booked at various prices. Depending on how long you plan to stay, the services you require, there is a location to suit your needs. Many vacationers choose to book early, especially if they have stayed at a particular guest house before. They want to come back to the same family, or apartment, as it may have been their ideal vacation experience.

Becoming a Listing for Airbnb

The registration for Airbnb is easy. You just go on the site (, register your location, set your price and the company will help you out with the many details. You don’t have to be bothered with payment, as they ensure the guest pays them before arriving in Grenada. The funds are deposited to your provided banking info; whether PayPal or direct deposits.

Airbnb also has a built-in security feature that ensures you get reputable guests staying in your home or apartments. They perform background checks, so you are sure to know who will be staying in properties. You have the right to set house rules, and should any guest break any rule, you have the right to automatically cancel their stay.

Guest Houses in Grenada give vacationers the chance to relax without having to be on a scheduled or planned experience. They go at their own pace, in a less structured environment. This experience of Airbnb is not only for vacationers and returning nationals, if you are a business person, and not need to be in a sterile hotel, then this is the ideal accommodation for you. You can tie in business with some vacation time in one. The possibility of visiting Grenada, experiencing the island’s rich culture is sure to have you wanting to come back.

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